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Chatbot Agency Mastery


Discover & Learn how to build Facebook Chatbots and Sell it to businesses for at least ₹35,000+ Each!

We’ve done this with our agency and we’re gonna show you how you can too! ♡ 


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A chatbot is a robot.

It’s a digital robot.

…which means, it stays inside your device.

A Chatbot is like a program who would talk to you like a human being! 

The more you teach your chatbot, the more smarter it would be! 


Learn this new skill for ₹349 


Click on the button below to register yourself all our training materials at literally ₹349.


 1 Hour + Training On Facebook Chatbots.

✅ How to Build Facebook Chatbots with 0 Tech Knowledge. 

✅ Easy Way To Earn Through Chatbots. 

✅ How to Find Clients For Chatbots.

✅ 10+ Premium Marketing eBooks (Worth ₹5,000+)

✅ (Giveaway) – 4 Business eBooks!

✅ (BONUS) – Chatbot Premium Template Worth (Worth ₹3,000)

If you tried hard in making money online and failed, probably you didn’t do anything wrong, it’s just the reality now!


Things are not easy now, there’s a huge COMPETITION out there. But if you tap into the CHATBOT industry in the right time then there’s huge money for you here!  



To earn money with Chatbots, you need to first learn how to build them. 

We basically deal with building Facebook Chatbots.

Now you might ask – “How can I build a Facebook Chatbot?  


There are a some platforms where you can build your own chatbot, without knowing any programming language and without even having much of technical knowledge. And you do not have to pay anything! 

You can literally learn how to build bots in 2-3 days! 

Sounds great? – Okay. 

Now,  “How can I earn from Facebook Chatbot?

Let’s tackle this question of yours.

Look at the image below…very carefully.

Sumanta Barman

Sumanta Barman

CEO of a Messenger Marketing Agency | Chatbot Specialist

Hey there. This is Sumanta. I’m a messenger marketing specialist and I’ve helped over 100 businesses through chatbots and messenger marketing. 

100+ businesses! – You heard it right.

That’s a HUMONGOUS number of business I’ve helped & interacted with. My goal is to inspire 10,000 individuals just like you to take up ‘messenger marketing’ as a full time business and get results just like myself. 

#3 Steps To Earn your first ₹35,000 explained

(Premium Scripts & Hacks Included)


Master the art of building Chatbots

We have clear cut trainings in the course. Get yourself comfortable with the basics and start building smart bots in less than 6 hours.

Find Local Businesses who badly needs a Chatbot.

Find them, send them a message. Make them realize how powerful and strong a chatbot can be (Use our premium message scripts)!

Sell them for ₹30K - ₹50K

We’ve added all the scripts in the course so that you can just copy and paste it to convince them.

“….I already know how to Build Chatbots.

Is there anything else you can offer?”

Well, yes!

If you already know how to Build Chatbots and know a thing or two about it then HOLD ON! 

We have something special for you!

Would you be interested in knowing how to build Advanced Chatbots? Or How to Get Clients From Instagram, Facebook & Through other best sources? 

Do you also want to know how exactly I sold my first Chatbot to a Business for 35,000

Literally everything that you need to know on how enter into this Chatbot Space and how to Get your First Client – We’ve compiled them all on Chatbot Agency Mastery 2.0 Course!